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The threat landscape is rapidly becoming more sophisticated and complex, as new threats emerge daily, even hourly. For many businesses, keeping security up to date is a never-ending cycle; as soon as one patch is deployed, another threat emerges.

To add to these risks, more employees are taking part in Web 2.0 activities like social networking and blogging, exposing the corporate network to potential threats.

Fact: 82% of SMBs experienced problems with spyware, viruses, worms, phishing, hacking, or compromised Web sites in 2009.


2011 Security Trends: A Look into Gerhard Eschelbeck's Crystal Ball

Get a glimpse of the future and hear from the CTO of Webroot why this year may be even more challenging than the last.

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How SaaS Solves the Problems of On-Premise Security

Businesses traditionally invest in security software, hardware and appliances in order to prevent specific problems: malware infections, security breaches, spam, data loss, non-compliance and legal liability. Unfortunately, these on-premise "solutions" bring problems of their own. They drain IT resources and budgets. They produce single points of failure. They are difficult to scale when business needs change, and their limited life-cycles create high and unpredictable expenses.

Security Software as a Service (SaaS) is a sustainable security approach that solves these problems today - and meets your business needs for tomorrow.

The SaaS model is cost-effective, manageable and flexible. Most importantly, Security SaaS provides better protection by blocking threats in the cloud, away from your network. There are no software or hardware purchases, no single-point-of-failure risks, and no unexpected outages and replacements. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guarantee top quality performance and availability, so you can rest assured you have the highest level of protection.

SaaS vs. Software vs. Appliances
SaaS vs. Software vs. Appliances
Issue SaaS Software Appliance
Are additional purchases required? No Yes Yes
Fast, easy implementation Yes No No
Are customers protected from a single point of failure? Yes No No
Are guarantees of accuracy and availability provided? Yes No No
Will bandwidth improve as a result of usage? Yes No No
Is unlimited spam storage space included for email? Yes No No
Can the system cope with major increases of traffic? Yes No No
Is it maintained, updated and supported? Yes No No
Can the system protect against Denial of Service attacks? Yes No Yes (limited)
Can the system protect against Directory Harvest attacks? Yes No Yes (limited)
Will the system cope with new threats in real time? Yes No No

Brief Webroot overview


Webroot is a global company with a history of delivering innovative security solutions to millions of businesses and consumers. Their best-of-breed technology has won numerous awards and their SaaS solutions protect over three million end-users.

As one of the largest privately held companies in the Security SaaS market, Webroot has multiple data centres and support offices across the US, UK, EMEA, Japan and Australia. To guarantee the highest level of service, all Webroot Security SaaS solutions are backed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) among the best in the business. Visit to learn more.

Webinar: Security Software as a Service (SaaS)

5 Key Differences You Need to Know About SaaS vs. On-Premise Security

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