Remote Backup

Remote Backup

Data is like trust, it takes a life time to build, a split second to lose!

From emails to financial reports, all businesses rely on data being held and also depend on it being safe and secure. Many require time and effort to keep their data backed up on Tape drives or external hard drives, because they feel it is the most secure method. Remote backup is the next generation of Tape Backups, and is much safer. Tapes will be phased out in exchange for remote solutions over the next couple of years for many reasons:

  • Unreliable, regular problems when restoring critical data.
  • Consumes Resources, Tapes need manually changing (either each day or when they are full), labelling and storing by a responsible person in your office, which takes time.
  • Vulnerable to theft, natural disasters and loss.
  • Time consuming, It can take over an hour to wind the tape to a specific file to restore.
  • Wear Out, as tapes are reused they need need replacing.


  • No Tapes!
  • Cross Platform. It works with Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.
  • Data is not stored at the office, but in a secured, off-site location.
  • Transparent to daily processes.
  • Is always up to date.
  • Multiple versions of your data, so you can go back in time.
  • Recovering is fast and simple. No fast forwarding tapes!
  • Detailed Reporting for every backup.
  • No limitation on storage capacity.
  • Flexible price tag. Pay only for what you use.

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