Remote Secure Access

Remote Secure Access

Ensuring secure remote access to enterprise information is essential as companies continue to move their business processes online and extend the enterprise boundary beyond the corporate firewalls. Unfortunately, many organizations today still rely on static, reusable passwords, thereby exposing enterprise information to access by unauthorized users. The ActivCard Secure Remote Access Solution provides everything you need to identify users with certainty and confirm network privileges.

For companies currently using two-factor authentication, the ActivCard Secure Remote Access Solution can be deployed without increasing your existing security budget. The result is a compelling total cost of ownership and return-on-investment advantage.

For companies requiring Second Level Authentication without the required investment in both time and money to set up the solution, we can provide a Managed Service. There are many reasons why you should consider this option including:

Expertise - We exclusively provide a managed authentication service, based on RSA's market leading technology. Over a 5 year period, we have built a reputation on a unique combination of industry best practise and quality of service.

Lower Cost - If you do not possess Strong Authentication infrastructure, using a managed service, can deliver the latest industry standard service, at a cost that benefits from volume purchasing and elements of shared infrastructure and resources.

Accessibility - A managed service is ideal for organisations that cannot justify the skills or equipment to deploy a solution themselves. By locating the infrastructure within the "Internet Cloud" and protecting it from malicious activity, it is available globally 24x7 365 days of the year.

Size of deployment - "Big is beautiful". Our managed service benefits from the economies of scale and can bring all the functionality and sophistication of a large corporate implementation of Strong Authentication to just a handful of users.

Technology evaluation - A managed service is very easy to trial. You can be up an running in a matter of minutes. Our intuitive web interface, the Identity Management Center, has been honed over a 5 year period to ensure a fast learning curve and no wasted time on evaluation..

Speed of deployment - As our managed service is already running, Setting up a new customer is very straight forward. It is just a case of understanding your current security policy, configuring your authentication node, or nodes and then shipping out the tokens. This can all be done over the telephone and in some cases takes only 30 minutes.

Support overhead - It is a well known fact that a very large proportion of support calls taken by most companies' internal IT help desks are to do with password and network authentication issues. We have developed both Web and Automated Telephone End-user Self Service Support to allow end-users to quickly and efficiently diagnose and resolve issues themselves. Common uses of the self help service are:

            * Forgotten PIN reset

            * Lost/Broken/Stolen Token

            * Emergency Access if a token is lost/broken or stolen

This feature of the Signify service delivers two benefits, firstly the end-user can resolve their issue quickly and easily any time of the day or night and secondly there is no impact on the organisations internal IT helpdesk.

Resilience - Our infrastructure is located in multiple data centres, with 24x 7 monitoring from dedicated operations staff. Every customer gets the benefit of our experience and dedication to quality of service.

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